Protecting Your Windshield From Cold Weather

Whenever your car has to withstand temperature changes, such as extremely cold weather, it's important that you think about how to protect your auto glass. Cold weather can cause a temperature gradient to form on the windshield, with cold temperatures on the outside and warm temperatures within; this may lead your windshield to be vulnerable to breakage. Here's what you can do to prevent a windshield emergency.   Defrost Carefully [Read More]

4 Affordable Green Window Cleaning Tips

Going green is admirable, but green products and services are often more expensive than the less environmentally-friendly alternatives. However, not everything has to be pricey. You can make DIY cleaning products yourself for a fraction of the price if you know what natural products to use. Take a look at some green cleaning tips that will help you keep your windows sparkling clean without any expensive products or services. DIY Window Cleaning Liquid [Read More]

2 Reasons To Consider Electrochromic Glass For Your Windows

One of the most interesting and useful types of glass that you can consider when replacing your windows is electrochromic glass. This type of glass is designed in a way that allows you to flip a switch or turn a knob to run electricity through the glass, which can result in the electrochromic glass getting darker or lighter depending on your settings. Listed below are two reasons to consider electrochromic glass for your home's windows. [Read More]

Will Insurance Cover My Auto Glass Replacement?

Getting insurance coverage for auto glass replacement or repair can be a bit tricky. Here are some guidelines on how, and if, to get auto insurance coverage for your windshield repair.  Checking Your Current Policy Some insurance plans actually do cover windshield repairs.Some only cover the expense for certain reasons; they may cover it for an auto collision but not for an animal or object collision, for instance. Some insurers will cover replacement or repair of the side and back windows but not of the front windshield. [Read More]