Simple Ways to Modernize Your Glass Shower Door

If you have a stand-up shower in your home that looks a little outdated, you might be considering tearing the unit out and having it replaced. What you might not know, however, is that you can make some simple changes to the door itself to make it appear more modern. First, check to make sure that the door is structurally sound; if it's cracked or otherwise damaged, it's best to have the door replaced. [Read More]

Authentic House Restoration: Types Of Glass Used In Antique Built-Ins

When you compare them side by side, antique glass looks a lot different from modern glass, which has everything to do with differences in manufacturing. Since modern glass is not made the same as the original glass found in homes 100-years-old or older, it can be difficult to restore built-ins and make them appear authentic. Fortunately, you can have glass made custom so that it will match the antique glass already found in the home, which often has a bubbled or wavy appearance. [Read More]

Guarding Your Windshield Against Rocks And Debris

Windshield glass is a big investment, especially if you own a large or luxury vehicle, so you probably want to make sure it doesn't need replacing. If you live or work in an area where there is a higher chance of rocks flying around, such as a construction site or farm, then you'll probably want to make sure you're protected against an occasional hit from a stone at high speed. Fortunately, there are several extra ways to protect your windshield from being destroyed by flying rocks. [Read More]

What To Do When Your Car's Windshield Gets Damaged By Hail

Since your car's windshield is your first line of defense against the elements, it is imperative that you repair it when you notice any signs of damage. Whether you have lived in a state that is prone to hail all your life or you are a newcomer, you are most likely aware of what can happen when solid precipitation suddenly comes flying out of the sky toward your windshield. Here are some tips for dealing with windshield damage caused by hail. [Read More]