Are You Designing A Small Guest Bathroom With An Elegant Theme?

Did you decide to have a small guest bathroom rather than a large one? Perhaps you did that so you could utilize that space in other ways. Of course, having a small guest bathroom doesn't mean that it can't be elegant, does it? Are you looking for ideas that will make every bit of space count? If so, from selecting a beautiful frameless glass shower door to creating elegance in other ways, here are some ideas that might help you.

Start With A Frameless Shower Door - Because your guest bathroom space is so small, you have more than likely decided not to also have a bathtub in the room. A frameless shower door is a perfect solution that will create beauty in your small area. Frameless shower doors are very affordable and super easy to install. 

Even though the shower door may not have a frame as part of the design, consider choosing one that has a towel rack on the front of the door. By doing that you'll have the perfect place to hang luxurious towels. One good thing about having a glass shower door is that any towels you select will go with it. 

Maintaining the shower door will be super easy. To clean it, simply use the same product that you use on your windows and mirrors. Another idea is to always have a squeegee in a discreet place so that the shower door can be cleaned after every use. 

Add Other Elegant Decor - Think GOLD. You might not be using real gold in your guest bathroom, but you can certainly give the appearance of gold. For example, think of selecting wall paper that looks like gold leaf. Another idea is to select a freestanding brass sink that has an elaborate gold-toned faucet as part of the design. 

Maybe you'd rather paint the guest bathroom walls. If so, consider selecting a very light turquoise for the paint color and stenciling a ​fleur de lis or a braid design in gold metallic paint on strategic areas of the wall. 

Select a heavy gold frame for the bathroom mirror. And, when you select the towels for your guest bathroom, go with a favorite color that will complement the wall treatment. Choose a gold monogram or gold trim for the towels. By doing so, they will look very nice with the towel rack on the front of your glass shower door. 

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