Three Different Ways That Leaves Can Damage Your Car

During the fall months, leaves change in color and fall off of trees. While most people enjoy the sight of autumn colored leaves, you will want to take action to keep them away from your car and clear away any leaves that may fall on your car. It may be hard to believe but leaves can actually be damaging to your vehicle in a number of different ways. Here are a few of the various ways in which leaves can damage your car. 

They Can Scratch Your Windshield

As leaves fall on your car, they can get stuck under your windshield wipers. When your windshield becomes dirty or it begins to rain, you may go turn on the wipers, hoping to clear residue from your windshield. However, if leaves are present, the leaves will glide over your windshield. Some leaves can be abrasive, leaving behind scratches. These scratches can impair your line of vision or make things blurry. In some cases, the scratches can be buffed out, while in other cases, the glass will need to be repaired by an auto glass specialist.

They Can Damage Your Car's Paint

Another way that leaves can damage your automobile is by damaging the paint. Leaves can contain sap or acid that can eat away at the finish or paint on your car. They also may contain tannins that can leave a dye behind on your car. You may need some touch-up painting performed if the leaves sit for too long and have changed the color of your car in one spot. 

They Can Get Stuck Inside Your Car

The final way that leaves can be damaging to your car is that they can get stuck inside of your car. The leaves can fall through the hood of your car, getting stuck in your air filter or clogging hoses and lines. This can reduce the efficiency of your car or cause clogs that may cause your car to stall or not function properly. A mechanic will have to find the leaves and then remove them to solve the auto problems. 

Leaves can be damaging to your vehicle. As such, it is advised that you do not park under trees and clear away any leaves that may have fallen on your car as quickly as possible. If leaves have damaged your car in any way, be sure to bring your car into an auto repair shop, auto glass repair shop or auto body repair shop to have the damage tended to and repaired.