2 Benefits Of Applying Film On Your Business's Windows

If the windows on your business are the ones that have been there since the building was constructed, you may be on the fence about whether to have them replaced or to have a film applied to them in order to bring the building up to code. If this is the case, consider the benefits, besides being a smaller investment than replacing the entire windows, of applying a film.

1.  Increased Energy Efficiency Leading to Lower Bills

One major benefit of adding a film on your business's windows is that it helps to increase the energy efficiency of the building. With older, single-pane windows with no film, the air from the outside easily penetrates the glass, and the air from the inside easily escapes. When either of these scenarios happens, your company's HVAC system must work harder and use up more energy, resulting in higher bills.

However, if you apply a film to older windows, it acts as an insulating layer on the glass. The added barrier helps stops most of the air exchange, which keeps your building's interior temperature more constant and decreases the workload on your heating and air conditioning system.

2.  Decreased Damaged If Windows Break

Another advantage of putting a film on your business's windows is that it helps decrease the damage if something were to strike the glass and break a window. Especially if your windows are older, the glass may be more brittle than newer window models because they may have manufacturing defects and be deteriorating because of age and weather exposure.

When something hits the window, the glass shatters, sending shards throughout the room. If anyone is in the office when this occurs, they could be seriously injured. And, even if you are lucky enough that no one is hurt, the glass could cause further damage to objects in the room.

However, if windows with a film on them are struck by even a sharp object, it takes more impact pressure to cause the glass to shatter and spray across the room. Even if the window breaks, the film holds onto the glass, minimizing the spray and decreasing the risk of injuries or damage. 

After considering the benefits of applying a film on your business's windows, you may be ready to learn more about the process. If this is the case, contact a business, like American  Glass Tint Inc, that offers commercial window film services for more information and to discuss your options.