How Impact Patio Doors Make Your Home Safer

A patio door allows you to have a beautiful view from your home and have easy access to your patio or pool. However, you may worry about the security of the door. Since a patio door is usually hidden at the back of your house, the large panes of glass are vulnerable to damage from intruders. One way to put your mind at ease is to have impact doors installed. Here's how these doors keep your home more secure.

Impact Glass Is Difficult To Break Through

Intruders have a hard time breaking out impact glass. Traditional patio door glass will crack, crumble, and fall out of the frame when it's hit with a bat or brick. Impact glass is made with a tough film attached to the glass that holds the glass in the frame. The film is invisible so you can't tell it's there except when the glass is attacked. Heavy blows may cause the glass to crack, but the glass won't collapse out of the frame. This offers excellent protection against intruders trying to smash their way through your patio doors.

Impact Glass Won't Shatter In A Storm

Impact patio doors protect against more than criminals. One worry with glass doors is when they are damaged during a storm. A traditional glass door will shatter and send broken glass flying through your home during strong winds and the flying glass could harm someone in your family. Even if your door has safety glass, the flying glass crumbles could cause harm when driven by wind. Impact patio doors have glass that can stand up to strong winds and debris that is hurled against your door. Even if you're careful about clearing your lawn of chairs and other objects before a storm, a tree limb or your neighbor's clutter may be blown into your patio door. Impact glass won't give way and collapse. This is important from a safety standpoint and it's also important because it keeps rain and wind out of your house.

Having impact patio doors gives you peace of mind that your home is protected even though it has large panes of glass that could otherwise be easily broken. Impact doors also reduce the risk of someone being hurt by broken glass when walking or falling into the door. You can have this added safety without detracting from the appearance of the door or interfering with your beautiful view. Plus, you get the added benefit of extra insulation against heat transfer and sound, so new patio doors with impact windows are worth considering when you want the utmost security for your home.