Designing A Home? What To Consider With Your Windows

If you're using an architect to design your home from scratch (or doing this job yourself), you may want to have some input on the windows such as the type that will be used and the location of each. A window serves a purpose and should be considered a design feature on your home that supports its purpose. A window does more than simply let in light, it can offer fresh air, an ability to see something (kids in the yard or a beautiful landscape), or open up your home to sounds (or block out sound). Read on for these and other considerations when designing your home.

How Much Light Do You Want?

Do you want your home to have a lot of natural lighting? Natural light can help make your home more energy efficient, but too many windows may also take away your energy efficiency in cold weather months. If you want to let in more natural light, larger windows or more windows in a room may be a good idea. It's best used in rooms such as great rooms, kitchens, or family rooms.

What Do You Want To See Out Your Windows?

If you want a lot of windows facing the backyard to be able to see your children playing outside, or you have a gorgeous view of a tree-lined yard that you want to be able to see, take this into consideration. On the other hand, if your view is a road, a local business, or something else that may be unsightly, you may not want too many windows on that side of your home.

What Do You Want To Hear?

Again, if you have a lot of windows and plan on opening them up to the fresh air, what will you hear? If it's going to be a highway with a lot of traffic, you may not want to open your windows to these sounds, but if you have a creek nearby that you want to hear or the sounds of nature, you'll want more windows on that side of the house to be able to hear those sounds.

How Will You Ventilate Your Home?

When figuring out window placement, you want to have windows that will allow for proper ventilation. You'll want windows opposite of one another to allow for this type of ventilation and to allow for a free-flowing breeze through your home when you open the windows for some fresh air. 

When designing your home, remember that window placement will make a big difference. Choose windows that work for your lifestyle and be sure you've considered the above-mentioned items. Talk to a residential glass professional for more information.