Trade Your Shower Curtain In For A Glass Enclosure

If you have grown tired of needing to mop up water from your bathroom floor after each shower or bath that you take, your flimsy vinyl or cloth shower curtain may be the culprit behind the water that is seeping out. A glass enclosure will eliminate leaks and will add an elegant touch to your bathroom. Use the tips below to help you choose an enclosure and features that can be used while soaking in the tub or taking a long, hot shower.

Choose A Frameless Or Semi-Frameless Screen

If you are concerned about the clunkiness of a glass enclosure and fear that you will be exchanging your current problem with the shower curtain for another one, since intricate hardware will need to be maintained on a consistent basis, then think again.

A frameless or semi-frameless glass screen uses minimal exterior hardware, providing the illusion that a piece of glass is suspended without the aid of any supporting materials. Two discrete hinges can be inserted along the edge of the wall that is adjacent to the bathtub or shower stall. You will not need to worry about the glass enclosure opening once you have entered the tub or stall because the hardware that is used will be self-closing. 

Add Some Privacy

If privacy is one of the key factors that has dissuaded you from previously choosing a glass enclosure, opt for a glass enclosure that has been tinted or that has privacy film secured to portions of it. The entire piece of glass can be treated, or you can choose a specific part of the glass that you would like to be tinted or have film added to. With either option, you will be able to see out from the tub or shower stall. 

Make An Appointment And Learn About Additional Features

Make an appointment to speak with a glass shower enclosure supplier. Don't feel that you necessarily have to pick a specific enclosure and features. You can customize the new additions so that they suit your needs.

For instance, if you are not overly thrilled with your current shower head, purchase a stainless steel portable shower head that is suspended from a flexible coil. You can adjust this type of shower head so that the water pressure is stronger or weaker.

Two additional accessories that may interest you are a shower stall caddy and safety rails. With a caddy, you can contain all of your favorite bathing supplies, and you will not need to worry about falling down while you are reaching for them because the safety rails will readily be at your disposal. For more information, contact your local glass shower enclosure services.