Tips To Prepare For Glass Installation This Fall

Are you planning to get new glass installed? If so, then fall is the perfect time because the weather outside is still warm enough that a few hours with the windows out of your home is no big deal. It also ensures that you get the new glass in before the holiday décor needs to go up. The following are a few more tips to ensure you glass installation is done without any problems:

Tip #1: Take down your draperies

You don't want your window décor to get in the way of the installers, nor do you want it accidentally damaged. The easiest way to avoid both is to simply take down all your curtains, sheers, and panels. Blinds and shades that are screwed into the window frame must also be taken down since full replacement windows typically come with new frames. You can leave curtain rods up as long as they aren't attached to the window frames.

Tip #2: Move your furniture

The installers will need plenty of room to work on the windows, so pull back any furniture so it won't be in their way. This may mean moving some furniture out of the room in smaller spaces. Rugs should also be rolled up since they can shift and pose a tripping hazard to the workers. If you are worried about your flooring, you can tape down drop cloths with masking tape before the installers arrive, although most installation companies will take pains to avoid damage to your floors.

Tip #3: Trim back the bushes

The glass installation crew will also be working from outside your home, so before their arrival is a great time to tend to your fall pruning. Cut back bushes and plants that block the window so that they can easily reach it. For larger bushes, particularly evergreens, you can also tie them back with twine if pruning isn't sufficient. This is also a good time to remove and put away garden implements, toys, and other items that could trip an installer.

Tip #4: Clear an outdoor work area

Most crews will need a staging area where they will set up the windows on sawhorses to measure, as well as to cut any trim. You can make their job easier by providing such a place. Your driveway or patio is a likely area, just make sure they have access to a power outlet or run a heavy duty extension cord out to the area. By providing the perfect spot, they won't have to set up on your lawn.

For more information, talk to a glass installation company in your area.