Three Decorative Touches for Your Custom Shower Enclosure

When remodeling your bathroom, you may want to consider a few decorative touches that give your space a luxury feel. A custom shower enclosure that's separate from your bathtub can help to make your master bath feel more like a spa, and you can further customize the enclosure to make it a stunning focal point in the room. Use this guide to help determine which decorative touches you want to add to your new shower enclosure.

Etched Glass Doors

Etched glass shower doors come in an array of designs. You can choose from frosted glass, which gives you added privacy in the shower, or you can opt for doors that feature etched flowers, birds or other designs for a unique look in the room. Consider the decor theme you've chosen for the room when selecting an etched glass door design, and work with your contractor to find the doors that are just right for your custom shower enclosure. You may even want to consider adding an etched mirror above the vanity that matches the door design for a cohesive look in the room.

Glass Block Walls

Glass block shower walls can create a more modern look in your room, and they provide the added benefit of privacy while you shower. You can have your contractor install a curved block wall that eliminates the need for a shower door completely, but you may need to add extra floor drains to your bathroom to control water in the shower area. If you still want a traditional shower door, consider having just a section of your shower wall converted to glass blocks, and add a simple frameless door to coordinate with this look.

Stained Glass

If you prefer a vintage or antique decor theme, consider adding a stained glass wall or shower door to the bathroom. You can have your existing shower door custom-painted to achieve this effect, or you can purchase stained glass window film, which can be added to your existing shower doors and walls. If you prefer something that is custom built, talk to your contractor about different options for achieving this look. You can also add glass mosaic tiles to your shower walls and floor to bring even more color to the room. Consider continuing your tile pattern to the rest of the bathroom, or for a unique pop of color, use the same style of tiles in a different color for the rest of the bathroom.

Talk to a contractor like Enterprise Glass Co Inc about the different options for making your shower enclosure unique, and find the right looks to match your chosen decor theme and your personal tastes.