Simple Ways to Modernize Your Glass Shower Door

If you have a stand-up shower in your home that looks a little outdated, you might be considering tearing the unit out and having it replaced. What you might not know, however, is that you can make some simple changes to the door itself to make it appear more modern. First, check to make sure that the door is structurally sound; if it's cracked or otherwise damaged, it's best to have the door replaced. Provided everything looks fine, here are some simple tasks that you can perform to modernize your glass shower door.

Remove or Change the Privacy Decals

In the past, privacy decals were commonplace on glass shower doors. Today, though, it's possible to browse a wide range of shower doors in a store and not see very many with this feature. If your shower door's privacy decals are making it appear dated, take steps to remove them. This won't always be possible; sometimes, doors have etched panels in them. However, in many cases, the privacy decals will be stuck directly onto the glass. Take a razor blade and slip it under an edge of the decal. With a little patience and the investment of your time, you can often lift these decals. Doing so will clean up the look of the glass shower door and make it feel more modern.

Change the Handles

The inner and outer handles on your glass shower door can influence whether it looks dated or modern. If the door handles are made of faux brass, they're likely contributing to the 1980s-inspired look. In many cases, you can unscrew the door handles and replace them. Shower doors can have a wide range of handle styles, so measure the mounting holes (and the distance between them, if applicable) and visit a bathroom supply store. A stainless steel or pewter-style set of handles can make the shower door appear much more modern.

Give it a Thorough Cleaning

Often, the soapy grime that accumulates on a shower door over the years can give it an old, undesirable look. Fortunately, spending some time giving the door a thorough cleaning, in addition to the other modernization steps you've taken, can make a world of difference. There are a number of cleaning products on the market for dealing with glass. Additionally, you may wish to remove the trim around the door to allow you to clean around it more thoroughly. Spending some time on this step can help the door sparkle—and instantly seem more modern.

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