Will Insurance Cover My Auto Glass Replacement?

Getting insurance coverage for auto glass replacement or repair can be a bit tricky. Here are some guidelines on how, and if, to get auto insurance coverage for your windshield repair. 

Checking Your Current Policy

Some insurance plans actually do cover windshield repairs.Some only cover the expense for certain reasons; they may cover it for an auto collision but not for an animal or object collision, for instance. Some insurers will cover replacement or repair of the side and back windows but not of the front windshield. Take a look at your existing plan to see what they offer; it may be necessary to add additional coverage for windshields. 

Should You Add Coverage?

You may wonder whether you should add coverage to foot the bill of your windshield repair. The answer depends on a few things. If you live in a storm-prone area or have been in several accidents recently, or you're using your car for heavy duty activities that lend themselves to frequent dents and scratches, then it may be worth the cost of getting more comprehensive insurance coverage. But other times, it's best just to pay out of pocket. For the average user, you may have to pay your deductible before the car insurance company begins to cover your windshield damage costs. And some may penalize you for filing an accident claim by raising your insurance premiums. For what will likely be a few hundred dollar bills, you may simply wish to pay out of pocket. 

Auto Glass Repair with Comprehensive Coverage

The most likely bet for getting insurance coverage with your windshield repair is to go with a comprehensive insurance plan. These plans expand the range of coverage for different types of damage, and they typically include auto glass replacement or repair, dents, and sometimes even minor auto body care. A comprehensive plan also goes into more detail to protect your vehicle from regional disasters. Storms and fires may be on the list of acceptable reasons for damage. Some plans go as far as covering animal collisions. 

Whether or not you go through insurance to pay for your windshield repair, making the effort to get these repairs is important. It helps to keep you safe by eliminating obstructions from your line of view, and it helps to prevent the glass from shattering while you're in the vehicle. Some auto repair shops will work with you to create a payment plan or otherwise alleviate the burden of paying for a windshield repair.