Do Auto Glass Cracks Require Immediate Attention?

Auto glass cracks can come with different levels of severity. Here are some times when fixing a crack is extremely important for your safety. 

When the Crack Is Decreasing Your Visibility

Windshield cracks are a big deal if they fall within your line of sight. Even a small crack at eye level can be distracting and potentially cause a gut-level reaction that causes you to veer off the road. It may also block your vision of upcoming objects, such as pedestrians or animals in the road. 

If you repeatedly notice that your attention is being drawn to the crack for whatever reason, it's important to get the crack taken care of so that you can keep your full attention on the road. You wouldn't want to risk getting distracted and end up with a full-on auto collision that would be much more costly. 

When the Crack is Large

Small cracks can often be taken care of at home; you may be able to apply a glass glue or, if you're really on a budget, some duct tape. But when you see the crack continue to grow despite your DIY fixes, don't wait for it to crack through entirely. There's a point where the glass can get too damaged to repair, and then you'll be looking at an outright replacement, which is even more expensive. If the crack gets larger than a quarter or starts to spread and hits one side of your window frame, these are signs that it's going to give out, so look for a specialist in auto glass replacement in your area. 

When a Side Window Is Splintering

Side windows that have begun to splinter are also important to get fixed. If the glass pieces break off while the window is rolled down, they can get stuck inside the door, and when you roll up the window they may scratch your car internally. If you notice this happening, be sure to tape up the area and refrain from rolling the window down again until the chip is fixed. Be aware that the insurance rules for fixing side windows sometimes differ from your coverage for your main windshield.

These are cases when fixing your windshield is of the utmost importance. While not all insurance plans cover auto glass replacement, you may be able to get coverage by adding comprehensive insurance to your plan. At any rate, the issues listed here are worth breaking into your emergency funds to take care of.