2 Reasons To Consider Electrochromic Glass For Your Windows

One of the most interesting and useful types of glass that you can consider when replacing your windows is electrochromic glass. This type of glass is designed in a way that allows you to flip a switch or turn a knob to run electricity through the glass, which can result in the electrochromic glass getting darker or lighter depending on your settings. Listed below are two reasons to consider electrochromic glass for your home's windows.

Keep Light Out

The biggest reason to consider electrochromic glass windows is in order to keep your rooms as dark as possible during the day. Because electrochromic glass can reflect up to 98% of the light that falls upon it at its darkest settings, it is ideal for use by people who work at night and need a dark room to sleep in during the day.

The light blocking capability of electrochromic glass makes it ideal for keeping theater rooms dark so that sunlight does not interfere with the picture quality of your television or projector. While curtains and blinds can also help to block out light, they are not going to be as effective as electrochromic glass as the sunlight can still bleed through or leak around the edges of the blinds and curtains.

Another benefit provided by an electrochromic glass window is that it can help keep your home cooler. Even at the lower or mid-level settings, electrochromic windows can still block enough light to keep the interior of your home cooler.

As a result, your home will be more comfortable without using an air conditioner as often in the summer and will also prevent the home from heating up as quickly when the air conditioner turns itself off. This will not only result in lower utility bills for you, but also less strain on your air conditioner throughout the summer. 

Keep Your Home Private

Another reason to consider electrochromic windows is that they can greatly increase the level of privacy that you can enjoy in your home. This is because electrochromic glass is almost completely opaque at its darkest setting, which makes it next to impossible for nosy neighbors to peer into your home or for random people passing by to see what you are doing in your house. In addition, this can increase your home's security because potential intruders will not be able to scout out your home by looking into your windows and seeing what valuable items you may have and where they are located. 

Contact a window dealer or contractor, like Park Glass Inc, today in order to discuss the many reasons to consider electrochromic glass for your windows. This type of glass can help keep light out of your home and increase your privacy levels.