4 Reasons Vinyl Windows Are Such A Versatile Choice For Homes

If you need to have new windows installed in your home, you should consider installing vinyl windows. Vinyl windows are a versatile choice for your home, and the term vinyl window encompasses a wide variety of different window types, including impact resistant windows. Here are four reasons vinyl windows are a great choice for most homes.  #1 Vinyl Windows Are Made Out of PVC When talking about vinyl windows, what you are actually talking about is the frame that goes around the glass. [Read More]

Shower Glass Enclosures: 4 Design Tips To Keep In Mind

During a bathroom remodel, one of the primary things that you probably want to focus on is your bathtub/shower. The focus here is to upgrade your old-fashioned bathtub or shower with a contemporary glass enclosure. By improving this part of the bathroom, you can create a beautiful focal point, modernize the space, and create a much more spacious and relaxing environment. However, before you begin, you need to ensure that you are well-equipped with the structural elements of the job to ensure optimal functionality of the shower enclosure. [Read More]

Tips To Prepare For Glass Installation This Fall

Are you planning to get new glass installed? If so, then fall is the perfect time because the weather outside is still warm enough that a few hours with the windows out of your home is no big deal. It also ensures that you get the new glass in before the holiday d├ęcor needs to go up. The following are a few more tips to ensure you glass installation is done without any problems: [Read More]

A Few Tips For When Your Aluminum Door Isn't Closing Properly

Having a door that won't close properly can be more than a nuisance. It can let air flow from inside to out and vice versa. This can cause your heating and cooling bills to climb and also be unsafe for small children or animals. There are a few things you can do yourself to try to fix the situation you should try before calling an aluminum door repair technician. It is best if you can have a second person there to help hold the door or frame as you work on them and check that they are level and square. [Read More]