2 Ways To Make Glass Shower Doors More Private

Having glass doors on your shower can help your bathroom look more modern and elegant. Unfortunately, clear glass shower doors don't provide much privacy when your shower is in use.

If you like the light and open feel of glass doors, but you want to up the privacy factor, here are two simple things you can do to add a little more privacy to your glass shower enclosure in the future.

1. Add a faux stained-glass design.

You can easily add some privacy (as well as some color and interest) to your glass shower doors by creating a faux stained-glass design on the clear glass. Start by finding a pattern you like (adult coloring books can serve as a great resource), then having a sign shop blow up the design until it matches the dimensions of your shower door.

Take the door off its hinges and lay it down on top of your design. Spray the surface of your glass door with clear acrylic spray so that the paint and glue you will use to create your design will have something to adhere to. Add some black acrylic paint to a bottle of white craft glue, then use the glue to trace your design. This will serve as the faux leading in your design.

Use acrylic paints to fill in your design, then let the paint dry according to the manufacturer's directions. Rehang the glass door on its hinges, and you will have a beautiful faux stained-glass design that allows light transfer but provides privacy while you are using your shower.

2. Frost the glass doors.

Frosted glass maintains the transparent properties that allow clear glass to let light through without allowing bystanders to gain a clear view of your shower. Frosting your clear glass shower doors can be a simple way to increase the amount of privacy you enjoy while showing each day.

Start by cleaning your glass doors thoroughly with a streak-free cleaning solution. If you want to incorporate a design into your frosted glass, tape off the sections that you want to remain clear. Once your design is in place, spray a thin layer of frosted glass spray paint over the surface of your doors.

Give the paint about 24 hours to dry completely, then remove your tape and enjoy the privacy your frosted glass shower doors provide.

Adding decorative elements to your clear glass shower doors can give you the privacy you are looking for without compromising the aesthetics of your bathroom. For more information, contact professionals like Alabama Glass Works Inc.