A Guide To Understanding And Replacing The Jalousie Windows In Your Older Home

If you enjoy living in your older home and plan to continue doing so for many more years, you will be happy to know that it is often possible to minimize your heating and cooling costs by updating the windows in your home. Many older homes have Jalousie windows, which are easy to recognize due to the lever that controls the opening and closing of the glass slats that exist in lieu of paned glass. If you are not sure what type of windows you have or you are already considering replacing your Jalousie windows with newer glass, the following information will be very helpful.

Recognizing Jalousie Windows

It is first important to note that the aforementioned slats that Jalousie windows are so well-known for exist to allow for air circulation from outside to enter the home, even if it were pouring down rain at the time. Unfortunately, Jalousie windows are notorious for their inability to form a tight seal between the glass and the pane, so their popularity has decreased in recent years as more energy-efficient units have become available.

Why You Need To Replace Your Old Windows

Many homeowners replace their Jalousie windows with a double or triple-paned window to decrease the energy loss. Others may choose to do so after years of frustration with the awkward lever that opens and closes the glass. Another on-going problem with them in recent years has been that their waning popularity has made it very challenging to affordably access residential glass replacement parts for the windows or lever.

In addition, it is a good idea to consider that insulated glass is known to filter more sunlight. It is easy to forget that the use of insulated glass can allow the furnishings in each room to maintain their color intensity and resist fading when the amount of sunlight allowed into an area is limited.

Deciding On Double Or Triple-Paned Windows

Once you have determined the need for new windows, it is time to decide whether you should replace your old windows with double or triple-paned windows. Double-paned windows are useful in almost any area, since they provide insulation and prevent much of the energy loss that can result in high cooling and heating costs. When looking at the different options for new windows, you are likely to see references to the R-value of each window.

The R-value is a window's ability to resist heat flow and therefore, you want the highest number possible. If you live in a particularly hot or cold climate, you may find that a triple-paned window is a more appropriate choice. While double-paned windows typically have an R-factor of between 3 and 3.7, a triple-paned window can have an R-value up to 5. That would be particularly helpful for anyone who is prone to power outages during extremely cold winters.

In conclusion, replacing Jalousie windows with a more modern and energy-efficient option such as a vinyl window will provide both aesthetic and financial benefits. The information provided above will be very helpful as you begin your journey to a better window experience.